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Run by a team who are passionate about education, Study Plus is the place to learn new skills with our dedicated private tutors.

We help to build confident and independent learners who achieve academic excellence!

Statistics show that tutoring makes a difference and improves results.

What Is Our Philosophy?

At Study Plus, we believe that success starts with a strong academic foundation. That is why we strive to help students develop their knowledge and skills so that they can apply them in school and achieve their full potential.

What Is Our Aim?

To encourage, motivate and engage each individual in their studies through a learning process that is tailor-made to them and fully in line with the National Curriculum.

What Is Our Approach?

Students are led through the National Curriculum with our specially designed workbooks that are tailored to their individual needs. Our subject specialist tutors will guide students through these workbooks to reinforce knowledge learned in school.

What makes our approach effective?

Our group sizes are small and concentrated so that our students can develop their understanding with attentive guidance from tutors. Students build their confidence in a positive environment that is focused on helping them achieve their full potential.

Why Our Learning Programmes Are Successful

We ensure that our work is consistent with government standards set forth in the National Curriculum. We also pride ourselves in providing a consistency in our approach; all work is marked to a high standard so that mistakes are corrected and explained and students can develop their understanding.
Our material is designed to solidify each student's existing knowledge of their subject and challenge them to extend their understanding. Through a rigorous series of activities and problems, which are based on relevant examination questions, we encourage students to apply their knowledge and skills effectively.
Students learn in different ways and at different paces. That is why we tailor our work to each individual student, to ensure that it is inclusive and accessible to all learning needs and styles.
We track all academic changes to the National Curriculum and strive to keep our workbooks relevant to what students learn in schools. We work with each student to prepare them for their assessments in school and attend regular exam board seminars (such as AQA and Edexcel) to ensure students know the best exam techniques.
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