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Our English, Mathematics and Science programmes can help you get to grips with the curriculum. Study Plus can help you to unlock your confidence as we help you develop your subject knowledge and skills. Feel fully prepared for your GCSE exams with our advice on proven techniques, as recommended by the examining bodies.
While there are no formal national exams for children in KS3, they will be assessed on a regular basis in topic or end of year tests, coursework and teacher observation.

The GCSE grading system has been recently reformed to make them more challenging. The 9-1 system replaces the A* - G system, and Grade 4 is now the new pass grade. Level 9 is the highest possible grade a student can achieve at GCSE level and is awarded to students with the highest abilities. Some of the new grades are equivalent to the old grades; a low Grade 1 is comparable to a low Grade G, a low Grade 4 is comparable to a low Grade C and a low Grade 7 is comparable to a low Grade A.

In English, there is no longer a foundation paper, and students of all abilities take the same paper. Science also started using the new 9-1 system in 2018 and other subjects are slowly switching over so that they are in line with the core subjects.
Let us support and guide you With our best gcse tutors throughout your secondary learning journey.
Our gcse English tuition programme is framed with the intention of promoting confidence in communication, both in understanding written texts in literature and in building their written communication skills in language. The ability to communicate is an essential skill that the team at Study Plus are passionate about helping our students develop. We show students how to speak and write fluently by looking at a varied selection of creative reading and writing, including the key texts they will be focusing on at school. These can include Shakespeare's Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet , Dickens' A Christmas Carol, or Priestley's An Inspector Calls , to name a few.

Through producing their own work, students develop their ability to communicate their own ideas and emotions effectively and build their vocabulary. This is a key skill that is tested in their final GCSE exams and is a valuable skill that is desirable within any profession. Learn to love literature as we discover fantastic new ways to communicate our thoughts about the world we live in!

The new GCSE 9-1 system means there is no longer a foundation tier for English, and that students of all abilities are tested in the same way. With this in mind, we strive to focus on building each individual up so that each student has a solid understanding of language, form and structure. SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) skills are reinforced with our specially designed workbooks and reading comprehension is designed to challenge the high ability students to develop their linguistic skills to impress their examiners.

We work alongside the specific exam boards that are relevant to each student and our workbooks are specifically designed to develop their ability to judiciously comment on, explain and critically analyse their texts competently for meaning and effect.
Our mathematics tuition programme is carefully designed to challenge the high flying students whilst also catering for those who struggle with the simpler concepts.

At Study Plus, we believe in establishing a strong foundation to build on, and getting the basics right, first! Once the basics have been fully understood, we then gradually introduce more complex mathematical topics, such as Algebra, Probability and Statistics, to name a few.

We make sure that all the work our students do is mapped from the National Curriculum so that as a parent, you can be fully assured that the work your child is doing is relevant and is always up to date.

Our students can start their learning journey with Study Plus from year 1 and can progress with us right up to their GCSEs. Every child is talented and has a huge potential to succeed. We do understand that every child learns in their own way. This is where our bespoke workbooks come into action.

Workbooks cater for the different types of learners and really target the areas where each student is struggling most. Moreover, Problem Solving and Reasoning skills are at the heart of our Maths programme. At Study Plus, we are not just interested in getting the right answer, we focus on showing students the importance of 'how' the right answer was obtained.

Every child is encouraged and expected to show the methods they have used. By doing this, we can be assured that the child has a deeper understanding of the topic. This results in a greater development of their overall reasoning skills - something emphasised in the recently updated National Curriculum.
At Study Plus, we believe that in order for students to excel academically in Science, they must be given a strong foundation to work upon. This is why we have constructed a thorough and extensive structure that covers everything the exam boards expect to see in outstanding students.

Our workbooks provide a clear and effective flow of questions to guide our students through every topic. Through differentiated questions, we increase the difficulty to put the students through their paces. This allows our specialist tutors to pinpoint where a student’s weaknesses may lie and aid their knowledge and understanding of these key areas. This ensures a thorough system which results in well-rounded individuals with a solid grounding in scientific understanding.

Furthermore, mini topic tests and termly assessments are held at regular intervals throughout each module to assess how well a student is performing. This enables both tutors and parents to track and monitor our students' progress.

Study Plus strongly believes that with our science gcse tutors extensive subject knowledge, plenty of practice and use of our workbooks, every child can unlock their full academic potential.

At Study Plus, we do understand that sitting GCSE exams can be quite a daunting period, therefore, to prepare our students for their final exams, we give them mocks and exam style questions to test their understanding of each module. This enables them to become familiar with the timings, styles and expectations of their respective exam board.
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