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Year 10 Student

Study Plus has helped with English and Maths. In particular I used to struggle converting fractions into decimals but no longer find it complicated.

Year 3 Student

Study Plus has been a big influence to me. It has made my hard parts of learning easy.

GCSE Student

I like it because when there is an exam at school, Study Plus gets us prepared for it and we also work together sometimes in Maths and English.

Year 8 Student

SP helped me to understand expanding brackets because my school teacher made it hard for me to understand but at Study Plus they made it easier and now I fully know how to expand brackets in Algebra.

Year 4 Student

I really enjoy Study Plus because the teachers teach me a lot of things and go through my mistakes a lot with me.

Year 7 Student

Study Plus has helped and improved my confidence in learning. It has helped me accomplish my targets. Whenever I get a question wrong, I am guided through my mistake.

Year 10 Student

I think Study Plus has been really helpful because, at school my grades and my scores have been getting better. This has really helped me with my mental maths. In English, I’ve got better at punctuation.